What are Sprinkler Hangers / Filbows used for?

Filbows are an underestimated product and are used for securing pipes, mainly fire sprinkler pipes for sprinkler system installations. They can be purchased in a variety of different sizes depending on the size of the pipe you are using.

There is a very important reason why all sprinkler pipes shouldn’t budge during a fire, as they are solely designed to distribute water over the fire to provide the best protection to the building.  If the pipes were to move, then the sprinkler system wouldn’t technically be doing its job correctly.

Our filbows have a single-element collar and are formed all in one piece to ensure a secure pipe fitting, a simple install, and very quick adjustment time, if needed, once installed.

Why do they need to be LPCB approved?

LCPB approval is a very important step in ensuring that filbows work to their utmost ability!  If they were to fail it would mean that the sprinkler system they are suspending would also fail which in turn wouldn’t protect the building from fire.

What does LPCB approval mean?

LPCB guarantee is an independent third-party assurance that products meet and continue to meet the set standard.  Points of failure that the LPCB check for include; damaged components, system malfunction, poor training of personnel, lack of proper maintenance and inappropriate systems.

All products are tested by the LPCB to ensure that they meet these standards and can be used for all installs without the worry of anything failing when put to the test in a real fire situation.

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