What are the benefits of using wire suspension rather than threaded rod?

Rod v WireFor years threaded rod has been the conventional way to create suspension systems for M&E and HVAC installs.  However more and more contractors are proving the benefits of switching to wire.

Firstly there is a logistical advantage.  Wire takes up a lot less space in your vans and can fit inside smaller vehicles.  Also this is useful on site where space constraints are often an issue.  3m lengths of rod are easily damaged in transit whereas the wire equivalent is near on impossible to damage, meaning less down time for contractors.

As Health & Safety becomes an ever more important issue, wire helps to remove some of the challenges that rod presents.  There is no heavy lifting required as a 100m roll of wire weighs less than 2 lengths of 3m rod.  Wire removes the need for a hot works permit on site as only cold cutting is required.  As threaded rod is a commodity product, there is often no certifications and often it can be hard to trace the origin of the product.  Wire systems are tested to TUV, NEL and SMACNA and come with the full technical support from the manufacturer.

Finally and probably most importantly there is a significant labour cost.  Installing a wire system is much quicker than the traditional rod system, as there is no preparation required, there is a reduced number of components, the system can be rapidly adjusted and there is limited tooling required.

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