Wedge Anchors vs. Lipped Wedge Anchors

Wedge anchors, commonly known as a drop-in, or a non-drill anchors, are an internally threaded expansion anchor with an integral expander plug. The wedge anchor is expanded using a setting tool which is designed to protect the internal threads while driving the pre-fitted plug to the end of the anchor.

The internal tapered plug is exactly the correct size, so as to match the internal configuration of the anchor body and to create maximum expansion against the walls of the hole.  The anchor is manufactured with 4 slots on the leading end of the body which allows it to expand during installation.

As the plug is driven into the bottom of the anchor, the shell is forced outwards in four directions against the walls of the hole, creating a secure fixing.

The difference between the wedge anchor and the lipped wedge anchor is in the rim at the top of the anchor.  The lipped wedge anchor has a flared end at the top of the body that allows it to be set level with the concrete surface.  This design helps to speed up installation, as is not necessary to drill the exact depth hole.  In addition to this, the lipped wedge anchor can also be used in selected hollow base materials, making it a much more versatile product.


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