Unistrut Supplier with a Difference

Are you looking for a Unistrut supplier?  We’ll you’ve found one, but with a difference.  At Armafix we have a sense of purpose that means that we will try harder and do better than we expect of ourselves.  It sounds impossible, but it’s true.  We make a promise and keep it! We treat our customers the way we would want to be treated.

Unistrut Installations

When you’re carrying out large electrical or mechanical installations we believe that it’s vital to have the support of a supplier who will not only provide the right prices, but will deliver the goods when you need them.  So if you’re looking for a different approach to business, try the refreshing Armafix experience.

Unistrut_slotted_41x41mmWe supply a full range of Unistrut, containment, threaded rod and all of the associated fixings and fasteners.  To view our range of Unistrut compatible channel system, simply click here.  Whilst our channel system is not manufactured by Unistrut it is fully compatible with all similar systems.  And if you call us on 0113 256 7211 we will provide you with some excellent contractors rates.

Integrity, honesty, responsibility and accountability

At Armafix we live with integrity, speak with honesty, take responsibility and demand accountability. The result is you get a supplier supporting you in achieving your goals.


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