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As part of Armafix’s ongoing commitment to going the extra mile for our customers, we offer services to make your lives even easier.
If you’re an Armafix customer and are working off an architect’s designs to complete a project, you can take advantage of the Armafix ‘take-off’ service and forward these designs onto ourselves. From the drawings, the team at Armafix will calculate what materials you’ll require to complete the job, the amounts and, most importantly, the price it will cost you to purchase all of the materials.
We’ll provide you with a comprehensive quotation to purchase all the materials you need, allowing you to save time and money. This handy service is particularly helpful with materials such as unistrut, cable tray and cable ladder, as we are specialists in these products and have years of experience in providing cable support materials for all kinds of construction projects, from shopping centres to power stations.
This service allows our customers to take advantage of our knowledge and expertise in the fixtures and fittings industry, meaning that you are left to get on with what you do best. If you’re based in the local area and are unsure what materials you need for a project, we’ll even pop down to the site in person to get a more comprehensive understanding of the build.
We’re truly committed to doing everything we can to ensure that our customers’ projects are completed to the highest possible standard, and this service supports that commitment. If you haven’t tried the Armafix experience yet, what are you waiting for? We’re a leading supplier of unistrut and other fixtures and fastenings in the UK, providing high quality products and exceptional service. Call 0113 256 7211 or contact us online.

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