Roof Support Design

Years of experience working with roofing support systems have made Armafix an expert in Roof Support Design. In a recent project, we were happy to put our skills to the test for a local company based in Leeds.

  • The Client: Like many Armafix customers, this client was a locally-based company situated in Leeds, United Kingdom.
  • The Project: The client approached Armafix in order to find a cost-effective roof support system with speedy installation times. This required a unique roof support design and a range of roofing support products.
  • The Result: Following initial consultations with the client, the team at Armafix got to work in taking the hassle out of the roof support design process. Our design team provided detailed conceptual drawings, including a number of key measurements including weight loadings. As part of the same project, we were delighted to provide a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke roof support including small cable trays, condensing units, chillers & packaged plant rooms. 

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