Your guide for our Pemsa Rejiband Quick Clip Divider

We have a brilliant product to tell you about.  The PEMSA basket divider is a great solution to issues that we see on a daily basis in our industry.

So what is Quick Clip Divider?

First things first, the name click divider, lends itself to a speedy install.  With the click system there is no fixings required when mounting onto the PEMSA Rejiband®.

The click divider can split one basket into as many sections as you need so that the wires can run side by side without the need for more lengths/fixings/hangers.  It encourages shielding between data and power cables within the same installation.

Because of this you would be able to use 1 length of tray with multiple dividers rather than several lengths of narrow tray.  For example if you had planned to use 3 lengths of 50mm basket side by side, you could change that up for 1 length of 150mm basket with 2 dividers.  This means less fixings and less labour, which will save you the installer time, and in turn save you money.

Guiding you on your install

Whenever possible, power and data cables should run separately to prevent electromagnetic interference.  When this is not possible, click dividers should be installed to provide an EMI barrier.

EMI, is the disruption of operation of an electronic device when in the area of an electromagnetic field, that is caused by another electronic device.

So, because of the above, the importance of running several types of wires separate is crucial, this can be achieved by using the PEMSA Rejiband® click divider which will result in easier install, and a much safer environment for those around.

So what sizes and finishes does it come in?

Finally just to highlight that this divider has wide adaptability and adjustment thanks to the three heights: 25 mm, 50 mm and 80 mm and is available in various protection systems: PG, GC and stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316L, you can find further details about this in the product page on our website.

If you need any more assistance you can count on our friendly customer service team to help you out.

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