PEMSA: Best Cable Management Option?

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When it comes to cable management, there are often many debates over whether to use cable basket or cable tray.  In actuality, both options are manufactured to the same European standards (IEC 61537), so the real question is not which is the best, but rather how do I choose which is the best option for my project?

Why choose PEMSA Cable Tray 

When it comes to choosing the best cable tray, it’s important to consider what is expected from a cable management system. It’s also important for contractors and installers to consider how efficiently they can handle the product while knowing they can guarantee a strong final result.

One of the main benefits of wire mesh tray is that it tends to be cheaper and quicker to install due to the fact that it is designed to be specifically configured on-site without needing factory manufactured accessories such as bends, tees and risers.  The wire mesh bars can simply be cut and bent to form the required accessory.

Another feature is that the open spaces between the bars allow heat to escape, which keeps the cable cool and significantly reduces the risk of overheating.  It also means dust is not allowed to settle in the cable tray and therefore does not require frequent cleaning. Although cable tray are low-maintenance, these convenient sections allow for easy access should an issue occur.

Basket tray is primarily used for telecommunication and fiber optics installations and is typically installed on short support span. The high resistance, sufficient spacing and choice of depth mean that PEMSA products can be specified correctly based on the unique needs of each end-user.

As mentioned above, the PEMSA wire mesh tray does not retain heat and stainless steel is a very poor conductor. PEMSA cable trays can maintain their form and strength is temperatures as low as -50º and won’t be effected up to 150º for some time.

This design of cable tray boasts an impressive E90 fire resistance (90 minutes, 1000°C) as tested by DIN 4102-12 (a German standard that requires all cable tray to be tested at high heats for long periods in an oven).

Why is this a bonus? Because PEMSA cable tray is used for fiber optics and telecommunication which are pretty useful resources in the event of a fire. The wiring of emergency lighting, ventilators, emergency exits and fire alarm may rely on these cable trays functioning to make sure they continue to work.

The most common environments for these forms of cable tray are:

  • •Civil Works
  • •Tunnels
  • •Car Parks
  • •Public Buildings
  • •Shopping Centres
  • •Data Processing Centres
  • •Infrastructures
  • •Airports
  • •Underground and Railway
  • •Naval
  • •Petrochemical
  • •Textile
  • •Chemical
  • •Food

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How to install PEMSA Cable Trays

As wire mesh trays are not designed to support large amounts of weight, they are typically lightweight in design. This reduces physical labour needs and with the rounded safety edges on every PEMSA cable tray, there’s reduced risk of damage to the cables and harm to the installer.

With the simple click quick connectors, no fixings are required to attach tray together. This system can cut installation time by as much as 50% which will save you labour and material costs! No matter whether they are being installed at height or underfloor in tight spaces, this simple system makes it so much easier.

For mounting from ceilings, PEMSA ceiling brackets or universal brackets offer strong support in a variety of sizes. Combined with stainless steel roofing bolts these supports will keep cable tray exactly where they are supposed to be.

PEMSA cable tray can also be altered and improved to meet more specific needs and spaces. Basket tray dividers provide management within management to create divisions between different styles of wire. This can improve access and reduce the mess from different outlets and sources.

Cable tray systems are all about working with the space they’re installed in. Basket cable tray are the most adaptable form of cable tray and bending PEMSA cable tray can help improve the way cable tray work.

Should you wish to bend cable tray, always use asymmetrical wire cutters. Make sure to cut as close as you can to where the horizontal and vertical rods cross each other. The material that basket tray is manufactured from can be bent to shape the cable tray by cutting off supports opposite to where the bend is needed. Cable tray can also be cut to bend how it is required, making it completely adaptable to client’s needs.

To restore the strength lost by cutting away sections, use PEMSA basket joint clasps from 20% added mechanical performance for every clasp.

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PEMSA Cost: Is it worth it? 

All PEMSA cable tray available through Armafix are available in lengths of 3m and depths of 35mm and 60mm. Price is dependent on the width and depth of the cable tray required and the number of accessories needed.

PEMSA cable tray can save contractors and electricians a huge amount of time on a project with their easy to install click systems and with the need for fewer fixings for the cable tray itself, material costs can be reduced. This frees up more time and money for more projects and investment on quality materials such as those supplied by Armafix.

The material composition of these cable tray make them a long-term solution and their low-maintenance can reassure end-users that they will not suffer from cleaning and replacement costs. With PEMSA cable tray, you can have peace of mind that the materials you use are safe, strong and secure for the future.

Although the market may offer other cable tray solutions, you have to ask yourself whether you want to sacrifice quality and efficiency for what is probably a small margin. Should you choose to go for a poorer quality option, unexpected damage can occur during installation which will slow you down and require replacement.

Cable Tray Solutions With Armafix

Armafix only offers the best products on the market to help with fast, efficient and safe completion of large-scale or smaller projects. We stick to our promises and aim to always surpass your expectations in terms of both quality and attention to detail.

With rapid response times and staff always prepared to help, we can give you the solution you need in good time to reduce downtime and improve productivity.

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