Now that’s no ordinary toggle fixing.

Now that’s no ordinary toggle fixing.  It’s a SNAPTOGGLE®

A SNAPTOGGLE®, is a heavy-duty toggle fixing that will hold weights up to 12kg, that can be installed in under 10 seconds through a 13mm hole!  Here at Armafix we enjoy sourcing and marketing innovated products that save you time and money on your installations.

The SNAPTOGGLE® works in both cavity and solid materials up to 240mm thick and is completely re-useable in the same hole.  You can actually remove the bolt without losing the anchor.  This fixing is exceptionally strong – up to twice as strong as conventional spring toggles.


To install, you simply drill a 13mm hole, then hold the metal channel flat alongside the plastic straps and slide the channel through the hole.  Next, hold the ends of the straps together between your thumb and forefinger and pull towards you until the channel rests behind the wall.  Slide the ratchet cap along the straps with the other hand until the flange of the cap is flush with the wall.

Then place your thumb between the straps at the wall.  Push your thumb from side to side, snapping off the straps level with the flange cap.  Finally, place the item you are fixing over the flange and insert the fastener through the hole.  Tighten the bolt until the item is held snug up against the wall.

It’s as simple as that!  Call us today on 0113 256 7211 for more innovative products.


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