Lindapter Types and Use: 2019 Guide

Lindapter, Decking Fixings, Fixings, Armafix, Bolts, Fasteners, Decking, Cable Tray,

Established in 1934, Lindapter is now thought of as an innovator of the steel manufacturing industry. This family-run business designed and developed a specialist range of steel fixings and clamping systems. Lindapter clamps and fixings rapidly became a sought-after range that earned international recognition.

Are you aware of the benefits of Lindapter decking fixings? Armafix is proud to be a UK supplier of Lindapter products. We’ll take you through the advantages and uses of Lindapters as well as some of the specialist fixings that we can offer our customers.  

Lindapter, Decking Fixings, Fixings, Armafix, Bolts, Fasteners, Decking, Cable Tray,

How do Lindapters work?

The steelwork clamping systems from Lindapter were quickly recognised as effective alternatives to traditional drilling and welding methods. Lindapter clamps can be used to suspend a cable management system, provide structural support or secure metal beams.

Providing alternatives to various purposes and areas of fixing work, Lindapter’s products are so well received because they:

  • Reduce costs – only hand tools are required for installation
  • Save time
  • Eliminate the need to drill or weld the steelwork
  • Don’t cause damage to other structures
  • Don’t require a power source
  • Are adjustable
  • Are durable, safe and stable – and simple to use!

Types of Lindapters

Lindapter have an exclusive range of fixings, and we focus on stocking and supplying the full range of decking fixings.

Lindapter fixings provide efficient solutions for a variety of supporting equipment, including pipe work, fire protection and sprinkler systems, cable management, HVAC, and electrical equipment.

Lindapter, clamps, fixings

Choosing the right Lindapter

Choosing your Lindapter fixing will depend on your intended use and where it will be implemented.

At Armafix, we currently supply the following Lindapter Decking Fixings:

The Armafix team have a good understanding of how the products work and which to use. We can offer advice and guidance on the best choice of Lindapter products for your work.

How to use Lindapters

The exact method of use will vary depending on the Lindapter type in question.

The fixings vary in function and type, being used for a variety of purposes, usually connecting and fastening components to metal decking, metal framing systems, steelwork or even fixing vital supporting elements of large structures like Tower Bridge in London.

Smaller scale work might see Lindapter connections being used for secondary steel work, cable tray or pipe supports.

The Lindapter decking fixing clamps that we supply in our Leeds store are ideal for cable tray suspensions and are essentially a specialist wedge nut.

To install the fixing, threaded rod is screwed through the locking plate and wedge, or bracket depending on which Lindapter model is being used. Insert the wedge into the decking channel, where it is locked into position by rotating it. The installation is then secured with a nut or locknut.

Hints and Tips about Lindapters

See the quick videos below for a breakdown of the installation process:

Type MF:

Type TC Toggle Clamp Instructional Video:

These fixings offer a simple, low-effort alternative to traditional drilling and welding methods!

Common questions Armafix receive about Lindapters

Our most common FAQ about Lindapter fixings is their compatibility.

Which fixings fit which decking profile?

If you’re interested in Armafix’s supply of Lindapter clamps and would like more information, talk to us today.

Armafix is a trusted supplier with several years of experience and an extensive range of fixings, support systems, power tools, site equipment & hand tools, and cable management supplies. We offer quick delivery almost anywhere in the UK and are confident in our ability to fulfil our clients’ requirements. If you are interested in our decking fixings, or another product in our range, browse our new website or contact us for more information.

This article was written by Terry Harmer, Managing Director at Armafix, who has has several years experience of supplying quality fixings and support solutions for the building services industry.

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