Introducing the New Britclips® RSWB

Armafix are exited to be able to offer the new Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket (RSWB) from Walraven.  This innovative bracket provides a cost effective solution for fitting electrical boxes and conduits within stud walls.

It is quick and easy to install and is compatible with other Walraven products providing a complete fixing solution.  To install, you simply snap the brackets apart, slide the brackets together (they can be extended to fit between studs that are 16 -24″ apart), then bend the ends of the brackets to fix onto the studs.

Install in 3 easy steps

These versatile Rapid Sliding Wall Brackets are suitable for multiple uses.  They can be installed onto metal studs, or used on traditional timber studs.  The RSWB also integrates with other Walraven fittings and is perfect for pipes, trunking and cabling as well as electrical boxes and conduits.

Suitable for multiple uses

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