Fire Sleeves Now Available from Armafix

Armafix are pleased to add the Pacifyre® MK II Fire Sleeve to our extensive range of products.  This is a single component fire sleeve which is used to make an aperture for pipes smoke free as well as fire resistant.

In homes, factories, hospitals, offices or other residential buildings the Pacifyre® MK II can be installed around pipes which pass through floors, ceilings, solid walls and modular walls.  These unique fire sleeves ensure fire compartments that totally comply with the building regulations.

Some of the features and benefits of these sleeves are as follows:

  • Provides a guaranteed protection against fire, smoke and noise (many more people die from smoke inhalation than fire)
  • Expansion and contraction of the pipe remains possible
  • Minimum space is required meaning they can be used in areas of hard accessibility
  • No tools, drilling or extra fixings are required


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