Equipment Mounting Systems from Armafix

Armafix provide a range of equipment mounting systems, designed specifically for roof installations, or areas where even weight distribution is required.  Call us today on 0113 256 7211 and we’ll be glad to help you with your requirements.

H-Frame Set

h_frameThe H-Frame Set offers support to small or large ducting, pipe work and cable trays.  They are suitable for use on flat roofs or any other surface that requires weight to be evenly distributed.  All of the components come complete in a box for you to simply add your own lengths of unistrut to your requirements.  At Armafix we offer the service of cutting lengths of channel to size, so we can supply you with the complete package.



Mounting Blocks

mounting_blockThese black plastic condenser mounting blocks are 1m in length and have been designed for mounting air conditioning units and domestic air source heat pumps on floors and roofs.  The mounting block reduces vibration and due to its simplicity, provides an easy and rapid installation.  Being a plastic construction, the mounting block is very easy to cut enabling you to have the exact length for your requirements.

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