Construction Section Set to Grow 10% In 2 Years

The Construction Products Asscoiation’s Summer Forecasts have indicated that the construction industry will grow around 10% over the next two years, contributing nearly £11bn to the UK economy.

They highlighted that construction output would grow 4.7% in 2014 and 4.8% in 2015, with commercial offices output growing a staggering, 10% in 2014 and 8% in 2015.  It was also predicted that the total construction output will rise 22.2% over the next 5 years.

Obviously these forecasts demonstrate the increasing strength of the sector although risks will still remain.  It is looking likely that the overall levels of activity will match their 2007  peak in just three years time.  It is expected that a lot of this long term increase in activity will be boosted by work on schools and hospitals.

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