Buyers Guide: TSGB Telescopic Screw Gun Box Brackets and RSWBs

Buyers guide to TSGB Telescop screw gun brackets from armafix

Do you use specialist bracket hardware for mounting on stud walls? If you don’t, now may be the time to consider how telescopic screw gun box brackets (TSGBs), often referred to as rapid sliding wall brackets (RSWBs), could make a big difference to your installation times. From electrical to plumbing and HVAC, these mounting brackets have a range of applications.

Here’s our guide to choosing and buying RSWBs.

What are RSWBs?

RSWBs, or Rapid Sliding Wall Brackets, are extendable brackets designed to help with the fixing of electrical boxes, conduit, pipes, trunking and cabling within stud walls.

These galvanised steel brackets contain notches and markings to aid the precise mounting between the studs and pilot holes to allow easy attachment with just a screwdriver. You can attach boxes easily with self-tapping screws or attach cables and conduit with a TPC clamp.

Key features of RSWBs:

  • Quicker box and conduit mounting
  • Accurate spacing and control of depth
  • Only a screwdriver needed


Who should consider using RSWBs?

If there’s a requirement to mount boxes or fittings within a stud wall, RSWBs are an essential addition to your kit.

These brackets are a real-time and effort saving solution for a variety of applications. They’re a great option for electricians looking for a quick and simple way to mount and support electrical boxes between wall studs. Plumbers and HVAC installers can also use RSWBs to mount pipework in wall studs.

These versatile bits of bracket hardware will quickly become a crucial part of the first fix process.


Guide to TSGB telescopic screw gun brackets from armafix


How to get the best prices on RSWBs

The time you save when using RSWBs will make a huge difference to your installations, not to mention the fact that you only need a standard screwdriver to use them! This means no extra costs for  complicated or specialist tools, and you can get jobs completed sooner.

We are pleased to offer the Walraven RSWBs, and you can call our friendly sales team with the quantity you require, we will provide you with the best available price.  Plus if you’re happy to wait until the next day we’ll deliver your RSWBs completely free of charge! This service is available to almost anywhere in the UK (Ireland, the Scottish Highlands, the Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight are covered on a 3 – 5 day service).

Alternatively, if you’re local to us you can come and collect your orders from our collection point in Leeds. Simply call or email your order through and we’ll have it ready for you to collect within the hour.

Why use the Walraven® RSWB?

So you’ve decided to purchase brackets to help move installation along quicker; why should you choose the Walraven RSWB?

This product is fully adjustable to allow for non-standard stud spacing where necessary and depending on the spacing between the studs can mount multiple 38mm or 55mm boxes on the face and inside the stud.

These brackets benefit from a unique enhanced design with stamped markings, which enables convenient identification and bending. For you, this means faster and more precise box and conduit mounting. The pre-drilled holes make box attachment simple, requiring only a standard screwdriver, and the interlocking tab also prevents accidental disassembly, giving you peace of mind.


Guide to TSGB Telescopic Screw Gun Brackets and RSWBs


What can you mount with the Walraven RSWB?

The answer to this is any fitting you need to sit within a stud wall. This means installing switch socket boxes, dry lining boxes and conduit boxes is all made easier with a RSWB. And that’s just a small selection of products it can help you with if you have another mounting application and you’re not sure if the RSWB is right for you, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


How to use the RSWB

Using the RSWB couldn’t be easier. Simply…

  • Snap the brackets apart
  • Slot the two together
  • Bend the ends to match the desired depth of the box/fitting you are mounting
  • Adjust the length to fit the stud spacing
  • Screw into place with a screwdriver


Mounting boxes or fittings within a stud wall?

Give us a call or email to discuss your requirements; We’ll give you honest, expert advice on how your installations could be improved with the Walraven RSWB.

If you’re in need of fixings and support solutions, we have a full range ready for quick despatch! Whether you’re looking for Switch Spurs & Socket Boxes or Cable Clips, Ties & Mounts, have a browse of our website to find what you need.

The Armafix team are always only a phone call away, give us a bell on 0113 256 7211 today and start benefiting from the Armafix Experience.


Where can I buy RSWBs?

As part of our extensive Cables & Accessories range, here at Armafix we stock the Walraven Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket (RSWB). The one piece, break-apart design of the bracket means mounting multiple socket boxes on the face or on the inside of the stud is quicker than ever.

If you need bracket hardware fast that’s no problem, we pride ourselves on our rapid response times as we understand the frustration of waiting for the kit you need to arrive.

We offer next day, before noon, before 10:30am and Saturday deliveries, as well as same deliveries to most LS, BD, WF, HX and HD postcode areas. Our aim is to get the products you need to you exactly when you need them, so you can focus on getting jobs done on time.

If you’re not sure if the RSWB is right for your application, simply get in touch with our team for guidance. We’re open from 7am-5:00pm Monday to Friday and always ready to go the extra mile for our customers.


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